Noticias | 27 octubre, 2021

Nuevo capítulo en libro publicado por el investigador CISEPA Robin Cavagnoud

El nuevo capítulo “Life Courses of Out-of-School Adolescents. Neoliberalism, Vulnerabilities and Violation of the Right to Education in Peru” publicado por el investigador CISEPA Robin Cavagnoud en el libro "Studies in Childhood and Youth" se encuentra disponible aquí.


In Peru, secondary education still has important deficiencies; a high proportion of adolescents leave the school system early and do not reach the minimum school capital and skills required to permanently escape poverty conditions during their active life. Privatization and segmentation of education since the implementation of the 1990s neoliberal policies have weakened the public education system and the quality of its service, making it impossible to ensure the right to education of all children in the country. Based on a biographical approach, this chapter presents the different combinations of vulnerabilities that determine school dropout of adolescents of both sexes in Peru. After an analysis of empirical data and the political context in the field of education since the 1990s, I build a typology based on the main associations of vulnerabilities observed from adolescents’ life stories, thus illustrating the violation of their right to education.