Noticias | 20 julio, 2022

Acceso al artículo del investigador CISEPA Tomás Dosek y Karel Kouba

El artículo Municipal size and local democracy: understanding the trade-off between participation and contestation in Latin America, del investigador CISEPA Tomás Dosek y Karel Kouba, fue publicado por la revista académica “Local Government Studies”.

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Municipal size affects local democracy through two mechanisms – participation and contestation. By drawing on national-level theories of democracy, this article identifies a necessary tradeoff: decreasing municipal size maximises the participatory dimension of local democracy but reduces the level of contestation, which is similarly crucial for a healthy democracy. Employing multilevel models that simultaneously account for national-level and local-level influences, this proposition is tested using a large dataset of over 9,000 municipalities in 15 Latin American countries with competitive local elections. The evidence supports the operation of such a tradeoff in a regional comparison, and single-country analyses suggest that it is present with varying force in most countries of the region.
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