Noticias | 9 noviembre, 2021

Acceso al artículo de la investigadora CISEPA Maritza Paredes y Anke Kaulard

El artículo "Fighting the climate crisis in persistently unequal land regimes: Natural protected areas in the Peruvian Amazon" de la investigadora CISEPA Maritza Paredes y Anke Kaulard se encuentra disponible aquí.


This article contributes to this literature by examining how policies intending to mitigate climate crises and to preserve precious native forests in the Amazon can (unintentionally or not) reproduce ethnic exclusion and marginalization of vulnerable local indigenous communities. While not all conservation efforts reproduce inequalities, there are significant reports of negative and counterintuitive results (Holmes and Cavanagh, 2016; Chomba et al., 2016). These adverse results fly in the face of indigenous organizations’ decades-long struggle in national and international arenas for the protection of nature (Rocheleau, 2015), as their cultures and livelihoods often depend on the conservation of betterpreserved ecosystems (Rasmussen, 2018).
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